What Is Wrong With Your Geothermal System?

19 December 2016
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A geothermal system is designed to heat and cool your home while helping save on energy costs. When the system is experiencing problems, it can be less than energy efficient and even lead to a spike in your energy bills. Therefore, it is important to take care of any problems as soon as they occur. Before calling in your HVAC repair professional, try these troubleshooting tips.   Check the season setting. Read More 

Preparing For Water Heater Installation: Things You Can Do

24 October 2016
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Getting a new water heater is something you may have to do at some point in your home ownership. The average water heater lasts around 8 to 12 years with average care or a few years longer with regular maintenance. When your water heater begins to fail either due to age or damage, you will need to have it replaced. Before your contractor gets to your home to install a new one, here are things you can do to make the process much easier. Read More 

Furnace Constantly Running And The House Is Still Cold? Understand Why It’s Happening

24 August 2016
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A furnace is designed to heat your home to a specific temperature, and then shut off temporarily. Do you notice that your home's furnace seems to constantly be running, yet it is unable to reach that temperature set on your thermostat? There are several reasons why this could be happening. Learn about the possible problems and how you can fix them. Leaking Air Ducts It's possible for the ductwork in your house to develop a leak somewhere in the system. Read More 

Exposing A Few Myths About Air Conditioner Care

27 July 2016
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Having a working air conditioning system can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your home is a comfortable temperature. But getting the most from these systems will require you to make sure that they are as energy efficient as possible. However, this can be difficult if you have inaccurate information about these systems. Learning the truth behind these two air conditioning notions will help you to be better prepared to ensure your system is efficiently keeping your house comfortable. Read More 

At-Home Versus Professional Duct Cleaning

11 July 2016
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Duct cleaning is important for a couple of reasons. For one, all kinds of contaminants can accumulate in ducts—pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, insect carcasses, or mold spores. If you have breathing conditions such as asthma or allergies, then this accumulation of contaminants can pose a real problem. Another reason to clean ducts is the fact that mold can actually start growing in your ducts and then spew mold spores all over your house. Read More