Exposing A Few Myths About Air Conditioner Care

27 July 2016
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Having a working air conditioning system can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your home is a comfortable temperature. But getting the most from these systems will require you to make sure that they are as energy efficient as possible. However, this can be difficult if you have inaccurate information about these systems. Learning the truth behind these two air conditioning notions will help you to be better prepared to ensure your system is efficiently keeping your house comfortable.

Myth: You Should Close The Vents In The Vacant Portions Of Your Home

You might think that it would be logical to close the vents in any vacant areas of the home because this should seem like it will save the system from expending the energy to cool these areas. However, if you close the vents, it can drastically alter the way that the air circulates in the home. As a result, you may actually lower the efficiency of your system by inhibiting the ability of the cooled air to circulate throughout your home. To avoid this problem, you should make sure that both the vents and doors to each area of your home are kept open.

Myth: Ceiling Fans Do Not Influence Air Conditioner Efficiency

It can be a common mistake for some homeowners to overlook the benefits of using ceiling fans with their air conditioning systems. While it is true that the ceiling fan will not produce cooled air, it can help to circulate the air in your home. Without ceiling fans, the air in your rooms will gradually settle so that the cold air is close to the floor. By using the ceiling fans to circulate the air, you can break up these layers so that the air in the rooms is more evenly cooled.

Myth: Only The Air Filter And Exterior Unit Require Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your air conditioner avoids some common mechanical malfunctions. However, it can be easy to overlook the maintenance needs of the thermostat. A dirty thermostat may not be able to accurately monitor the temperature, which can prevent the air conditioning fro activating or stopping when the set temperature is reached.

You can help to reduce the risks of this problem striking your system by keeping your thermostat clean as it will prevent the dust from gathering on the sensors of the thermostat. When cleaning the thermostat, you will want to use a cloth to wipe down the exterior before using compressed air to clean any dust that was missed by the cloth as well as the interior of the thermostat.

For more information or assistance with maintaining your AC system, contact a company that offers heating and air conditioning repairs.