Using Space Heaters In Commercial Buildings

22 August 2018
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The majority of commercial buildings have some sort of central heating. Central heating is usually a relatively cheap and effective way to control interior temps in all climates. Most modern central heating systems use both gas and electricity to create, circulate, and store heat. That being said, not every central heating system is perfect, and they often need help to warm up the house. One of the most common problems is that buildings do not heat up evenly. Read More 

Two Signs That It’s Time For A New Heating Unit

20 July 2018
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When it's freezing cold outside the last thing you want to do is walk into your house and find that your heater has gone out. It's a tough situation to be in because you realize that you're going to have to come up with a lump sum of money to get it repaired or replaced. There may have been signs all along of a problem but if you were busy or didn't know what to look for it's easy to miss the signals. Read More 

What To Know About Packaged Air Conditioning Systems

13 June 2018
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Most homes have a split system air conditioning unit installed. This means that you have one component outside the home and the other within the home. There are an increasing number of homes, especially larger homes, that are moving to a packaged air conditioning system. If you are considering this type of system, here are some things you need to know before buying and having the new ac installation scheduled. Read More 

Your Bakery Refrigerator: Keeping It Going

7 May 2018
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As a baker, your attention is probably concentrated on your oven, mixer, and other appliances when you think about maintenance. However, your bakery's commercial refrigerator, often called a "walk-in," is just as important to the functioning of your bakery. To keep milk, butter, eggs, and other chilled ingredients from spoiling, ensure you're taking on these fridge-related tasks. Re-Evaluating Kitchen Layout Your bakery's kitchen layout may not be your doing; when you moved into the place, it may have already been arranged a certain way by the previous owner. Read More 

2 Ways To Prevent HVAC Efficiency Loss

19 March 2018
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One of your biggest monthly expenses could be your residential utility bills. Homeowners obviously don't love paying these bills, especially if they seem to get bigger year after year. It is very common for an HVAC system to become less efficient and more expensive to operate over the years. As a result, homeowners struggle to deal with the ever-increasing utility bills. However, the large majority of the most common causes of an inefficient HVAC system are easily fixed. Read More