Preparing For Water Heater Installation: Things You Can Do

24 October 2016
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Getting a new water heater is something you may have to do at some point in your home ownership. The average water heater lasts around 8 to 12 years with average care or a few years longer with regular maintenance. When your water heater begins to fail either due to age or damage, you will need to have it replaced. Before your contractor gets to your home to install a new one, here are things you can do to make the process much easier.

Clear out space

Your current water heater will need to be drug out so the new one can be put in, which means your contractor will need a clear pathway to get to the unit. Move furnishings, boxes, clothing, and other items out of the way that can make removal and replacement of the appliance more difficult. If you have pets or small children, you will also want to clear them out of the area your contractor will be working in so they don't pose a safety risk or become nuisances.

Gather spare water

Barring complications, it should take your contractor a short amount of time to remove your water heater and replace it with a new one. However, you should be prepared for a long wait until you get your water back just in case. Gather spare water in old milk jugs that you can use to flush your toilet, drink, or to wash dishes with by heating up on your stove, or buy large containers of water at your local grocery store so you aren't left high and dry in the event your new install takes longer than expected.

Have plans for your old water heater

The last thing you want when you have your current water heater removed is to have it sit on your property with no real idea of what you are going to do with it. Plan in advance how you are going to dispose of the unit, whether you plan on recycling it, paying an extra fee to have the contractor remove it from your home completely, or reusing it for some other purpose.

Your water heater should last you for many years but will eventually need to be replaced with a newer, more efficient model. There are many things you can do to make the process easier when a contractor comes to your home to replace your unit with something new. For more information, contact local professionals like R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning.