At-Home Versus Professional Duct Cleaning

11 July 2016
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Duct cleaning is important for a couple of reasons. For one, all kinds of contaminants can accumulate in ducts—pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, insect carcasses, or mold spores. If you have breathing conditions such as asthma or allergies, then this accumulation of contaminants can pose a real problem. Another reason to clean ducts is the fact that mold can actually start growing in your ducts and then spew mold spores all over your house. Before long you can have a full-scale mold invasion on your hands. In any case, you should inspect your ducts regularly and have them cleaned whenever you see the need. 

Shortcomings of Do-It-Yourself Duct Cleaning

If you try to do much of the work around your home on your own, you may be loathe to call in professionals for duct cleaning. However, this is one instance where the do-it-yourselfer is poorly equipped for the job. As hot air moves through your ducts, it causes the garbage that gathers in your ducts to melt and stick. Thus, reaching down into your ducts with your household vacuum will do little to lift grime. Even if you are marvelously persistent and manage to lift the grime, you will only be able to reach a few feet down your ducts, so mold and other contaminants can continue to build up deep inside your ducts. 

The Advantages of Professional Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaners, like Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC, will use a two-part system to clean your ducts. First, they will attach a high-powered vacuum near your air handler. Second, they will use specially designed brushes to remove stuck-on grime and push it toward the vacuum. Thus, for the best results, you should leave duct cleaning to the professionals. 

The two main problem with cleaning ducts are accessibility and conditions inside the ducts. Household cleaning tools are not designed to reach for dozens of feet down an air duct, nor are they designed to remove baked on grime. For these reasons the do-it-yourself duct cleaner is poorly equipped to thoroughly and efficiently clean ducts. You should, however, conduct your own inspections, so you know when to call in the professionals. Lift vent covers, and shine a light down your ducts. If you can see that dust and grime seem to be coating all four sides of your ducts, then it is time to schedule a cleaning. Staying on top of duct cleaning will help to keep mold invasions at bay as well as to improve the air quality in your home.