What Is Wrong With Your Geothermal System?

19 December 2016
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A geothermal system is designed to heat and cool your home while helping save on energy costs. When the system is experiencing problems, it can be less than energy efficient and even lead to a spike in your energy bills. Therefore, it is important to take care of any problems as soon as they occur. Before calling in your HVAC repair professional, try these troubleshooting tips.  

  1. Check the season setting. As the seasons change, you have to make adjustments to your thermostat to ensure it is providing heated or cooled air based on the weather. If you have not switched to the appropriate season, the system will continue to operate according to its current setting.

  2. Clear blockages. Blockages with your filter and the unit outside could lead to cooling and heating issues. Change the filter and remove any debris that is around the unit to allow air to freely flow from the system to your home.  

  3. Check the ducts. Faulty ductwork, such as holes and breaks in the ducts, could result in the air leaking out before it reaches the vents in each room. Minor issues, such as the ductwork having breaks, should be easy to fix without professional help. However, do not hesitate to get assistance, if needed.  

  4. Inspect the unit for evaporator issues. When the evaporator is frozen, it can affect the flow of air from the geothermal system. Look for puddles of water near the unit and check the evaporator to determine if it is frozen. If so, you need professional help. 

  5. Reset the compressor. The compressor is used to help circulate the refrigerant throughout the cooling system. Occasionally, the compressor needs to be reset. Check the unit outside of your home for a reset button.  

  6. Warm up the heat pump. The heat pump outside of your home can become frozen when there is cold weather. When this occurs, it can struggle to heat your home. You can safely thaw the heat pump by turning on the fan setting on your system and moving the temperature sensor on the outside unit.  

Other problems that you encounter with your geothermal heating and cooling system most likely will require professional assistance from a place like Universal Refrigeration to resolve. By seeking help, you are not only helping to ensure that your unit is operating efficiently, but you also avoid a situation in which the system is inadvertently damaged by an unprofessional attempt at fixing its issue.