Selling Your Home? FAQs About Heater Installation

16 February 2023
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Should you install a new HVAC system in your soon-to-be old home? In this scenario, you're ready to sell your home, but the heater doesn't work or doesn't work as well as it used to. Before you schedule a repair or installation service, take a look at what home sellers need to know about heater installation, upgrades, and their options.

Should You Install A New System?

More specifically, when should you install a new HVAC system before selling your home? You won't use the system, but does that mean you shouldn't add this upgrade? If you're not sure whether you should invest in a new heating and cooling system right now or sell your home as-is, consider:

  • The condition of the system. Is your system old, worn, or completely broken down? A system that won't kick on or has obvious issues could turn potential buyers away from your home.

  • The age of the system. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a furnace has a 15 to 25-year lifespan. You may need to schedule a heating installation service if the furnace is older than this range. 

  • Financial implications. While you don't have to replace an old system, it could impact the price that buyers are willing to pay. If you can recoup your investment and add extra value to your home, the upgrade is worth it.

Talk to your real estate agent and an HVAC contractor before you make a decision. You may need to disclose a furnace failure to potential buyers. This type of disclosure may make some buyers feel uncomfortable about the condition of your home or could make it easier for them to negotiate a lower purchase price.

What Type of System Should You Install?

To maximize your profit potential and make it easier to sell your home:

  • Choose a similar system. Do you have an existing duct system? If you answered "yes," then a forced air furnace will work well in your home. But if you don't have ducts, you may need a radiator or a mini-split type of option.

  • Consider energy efficiency. Home buyers want value for their money. A high-efficiency HVAC system provides years of potential savings to a new homeowner.

  • Select a well-known/trusted brand. Make home buyers feel comfortable and confident in the type of appliance you've installed with a trusted brand purchase.

Not only should your potential buyer trust the brand of heater, they should trust the installation. Choose an experienced, knowledgeable HVAC contractor to walk you through this process and install your new home heating system. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc.