Do You Need A New Air Conditioner? Find Out

26 January 2023
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An AC delivers cool air during the hot months for comfortable indoor conditions. Note that with years of use, your AC sustains age-related deterioration, hindering its operation. If left unattended, these issues may cause malfunctions that make the cooling system vulnerable to premature failure. Therefore, employing an AC service technician for a unit inspection is vital. They will assess the system, diagnose the problem and fix it for peak performance. However, there are instances where the AC expert will advise that you install a new unit, and here's why.

The Unit Is Leaking 

An AC will cool air while dehumidifying it, regulating humidity levels in your home. To achieve this, a drain pan collects water as it drips from the evaporator and channels it to your drainage via a condensate tube. However, dirt and dust can build up around the condensate tube, preventing water from draining. As a result, water will back up in the pan and overflow, forming puddles beneath the AC. Additionally, the drain pipe can deteriorate over time, causing it to leak. On the other hand, extra moisture on the line set may indicate a refrigerant leak. So if your unit has constant leaks despite repairs, it is time to consider a replacement.

It Is Making Strange Noises

Although AC units will make relatively low sounds when operating, they should not be distracting. Thus, your unit could be defective if you hear strange sounds. For instance, a buzzing sound may indicate a faulty capacitor when starting the system, while rattling noises point to loose components. Moreover, you may hear squealing noises when fan motor bearings are not properly lubricated. Therefore, you should engage an AC installation to see if the damage is irreparable and suggest the best replacement unit.

It Is Short-Cycling

An AC will run in cooling cycles as the room temperature varies with time. However, your unit will short-cycle if it deactivates before completing a cycle. This may result from installing an oversized AC because it reaches the set temperature too quickly and shuts off. Thus, it is wise to contact an AC specialist to calculate the square footage of your home for the right unit size.

Poor Airflow

If you fail to size your ducts correctly, you may experience weak airflow from the vents. This is because oversized ductwork causes the air pressure to drop, preventing it from reaching the vents. On the other hand, your ducts may wear down over time due to temperature changes, causing them to leak air. Therefore, you should invest in a new ductwork installation to ensure proper airflow from the vents.

If the end of the AC's service life is approaching, you must replace it. Contact a local air conditioning service to learn more.