4 Tasks Your Professional Will Perform When You Schedule AC Maintenance

30 November 2022
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Some homeowners may prefer not to seek professional air conditioning maintenance services and only contact an AC contractor when experiencing a significant problem. Regrettably, by this time, addressing the damage comes at a huge cost. To avoid this, you should ensure AC maintenance before the summer and winter seasons when you expect your AC usage to be at its peak. If this is your first time scheduling maintenance, keep reading to find out what to expect from your air conditioning contractor.

Cleaning the Outdoor AC Unit

The AC systems in many homes have an outdoor unit, named the compressor, fitted outside the home. This unit is responsible for cooling the refridgerant used in the air handler, a process that ensures cool air is released into your home. If dust and debris enter the compressor, its efficiency is reduced, affecting your AC's performance. So, during maintenance, your AC contractor will turn off the compressor and rid it of debris. They also clear tall grass or bushes around the unit. Additionally, they straighten warped or bent fins and use a specialized spray to clean them.

Inspecting the Condensate Line

You should expect your AC contractor to check the condition of your condensate drain line. If it's filled with dirt, they'll resolve the issue accordingly. Understand that when you don't address dirt buildup in the condensate drain line in time, you'll likely experience moisture problems in your home. Your technician will also inspect for damage to the drain line and repair or replace it as necessary.

Checking Your Ductwork

The ducts are responsible for carrying air throughout your air conditioning system, so you'll experience reduced cooling in your home if they're compromised. The issue can also force your unit to work harder than usual, which may lead to premature wear and tear of AC parts. Different factors can cause damage to the air ducts, including corrosion, water damage from condensation, and pest infestation. When you schedule maintenance, your AC professional will check for signs of damage resulting from the abovementioned issues.

Checking the Refrigerant Line

Your air conditioner has metal tubes that run from the air handler to the outdoor AC unit. These tubes carry the refrigerant between the outdoor AC and air handler, which helps regulate the temperature inside your home. During the inspection, your AC specialist will inspect the tubes for damage. If they notice any leakage, they'll repair the components to ensure that the AC can efficiently cool your home.

To prevent the untimely wear and tear of your air conditioning unit, ensure that you schedule regular maintenance. When the expert consistently checks and addresses the concerns discussed above, you can expect your unit to run effectively for a long time.