What You Should Know About Furnace Problems

11 November 2022
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The inside of a house can get as cold as the outside when there is not a functional heater, especially when it is freezing outside. Even if a home has high-quality insulation installed, the interior temperature can reach freezing levels if the heating system is out of order. It is wise to make sure a heating system is repaired before freezing temperatures arrive, but an HVAC contractor can make prompt repairs no matter what season of the year it is. The most important part of a central heating system is the furnace, which might need several repairs if your heater has stopped working. Running a heater for a long time and never reaching the desired temperature set on the thermostat points to a furnace problem.

Something Is Wrong With the Pilot 

If your heater runs without producing warm air, the pilot requires attention as soon as possible. The reason is that the pilot might be damaged and put your household at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. For example, if the pilot is lit with a flame that is not blue, it can be sending carbon monoxide into the air. If there is a blue flame that is barely lit, it might be due to the pilot being damaged or dirty. A contractor can repair the pilot in a timely manner in case it is releasing carbon monoxide, and to make your home warm again.

The Furnace Continuously Shuts Off

If the manner in which your furnace functions is causing high energy bills, a repair can resolve the problem. For example, if your furnace shuts off shortly after you turn the heater on, it is causing you to use more energy to keep your house warm. The reason is that you have to continuously turn the heater back on when the furnace shuts off, and may never reach a comfortable temperature. When a furnace continuously shuts off, it could be due to the flame sensor needing repair. Dirty air filters could also lead to a furnace continuously shutting off.

The Air Does Not Get Warm Enough

If your heater runs but the air does not get warm enough, it might be due to the furnace filter being dirty. Getting the filter cleaned might increase the amount of heated air that is sent into the ventilation system. However, the air ducts could cause a decrease in heat as well if they are leaking. A contractor can make a diagnosis and make the necessary repairs.

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