3 Common Issues That Occur With Mini-Split Systems

13 January 2022
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A mini-split system is a type of HVAC system. With a mini-split system, there is an indoor and outdoor component. The indoor units pull and blow air into your home; the outdoor unit contains the compressor, evaporator, and condensing coils. Additionally, the unit will contain a remote control for operating purposes.  

A mini-split system is a great HVAC solution if you don't have ducts in your home or you don't want to install ducts in your home. This type of system can provide some excellent zone heating as well. However, just like a regular HVAC system, mini-split systems sometimes experience errors and issues. 

Issue #1: Poor Performance 

Your mini-split system should produce regular and reliable results. If you notice that it isn't cooling or heating like when you first got it, it may not have enough refrigerant. Sometimes, the units are shipped and manufactured with refrigerant but insufficient for sustained operations. Or you may have a leak of refrigerant that needs to be repaired. 

When the refrigerant is low, you will notice that the unit only works in specific modes and isn't able to maintain the temperature. You may also notice a strange noise coming from the outside unit.  

Issue #2: Blowing Fan with No Cooling 

If the fan is blowing air into your home, but the air is not cool, there are a few things that could be happening. You will want to go outside and see if the compressor is making a loud strange noise or hot to the touch. If it is, then the compressor is in need of some professional repairs to produce the cool air necessary to keep your home comfortable.  

Issue #3: Leaking Water 

The indoor unit should not leak water. If you notice water leaking from the indoor unit, you will want to check the condensate line. When you check the line, ensure that it isn't blocked. If you don't know where the condensate line is located, you can have a professional come out and inspect it. If the condensate line is blocked up, they can clean it or replace it.  

If the outdoor unit produces a little water, don't worry; that is natural. The outdoor unit may release a little water during the defrosting process, which automatically keeps ice from developing on the cools. The water around or near the outside unit shows that things are working as they should.  

If your mini-split unit is not working as it should, you will want to bring out an HVAC repair technician to inspect the system. Allow a professional to handle things such as internal leaking water, a blowing fan that isn't pushing out cool water, and poor performance.  

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