Is Your Air Conditioner In Need Of Repair? What The Sounds You Hear May Be Trying To Tell You

15 June 2021
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With outdoor temperatures already beginning to soar, it is important to ensure your air conditioning unit is in good working order before the hottest days of the year arrive. This will often mean the need to address minor repair issues so that these minor issues do not result in a total system failure when your AC is really put to the test. The good news is, determining whether or not your AC is in need of minor repairs can be easier than you think. In fact, you can often determine whether or not you need to place a call to your local service center simply by taking a few minutes to really listen to your air conditioning system. Below you can learn more about what the sounds you hear may be trying to tell you. 

Hissing Sounds

There is a reason that this particular sound is mentioned first. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner, you will want to stop reading and immediately call a local contractor to have your AC unit repaired. This is because a hissing sound typically indicates a coolant leak, and since the refrigerant used by your air conditioner is poisonous, you will need to deal with this issue immediately even if it is a small leak and has not yet impacted the function of your air conditioning system. 

Growling Sounds

While growling sounds may not be quite as serious as hissing noises, it is important that you address the need for air conditioning repairs if you hear this type of sound coming from either your indoor AC unit or your outdoor compressor. In many cases, growling sounds will indicate an airflow problem that is often the result of frozen coils. Properly defrosting these coils is an essential part of getting your AC up and running properly and preventing damage to the cooling coils in the process. 

Rattling Sounds

Just like any other appliance in your home, your AC unit will suffer some natural wear and tear over its lifetime. For instance, as your air conditioner ages, nuts and bolts and other small parts can begin to loosen. This will often result in rattling sounds as the many parts that make up your cooling system begin to vibrate and move around more than originally intended. While addressing these minor issues will not warrant an emergency service call, you will want to repair these issues as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to the unit. 

If your AC unit is making any of these noises, call an AC repair contractor in your area.