3 Reasons to Never Delay Refrigeration Equipment Repairs in Your Commercial Kitchen

15 March 2021
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Every day, your commercial operation relies on the commercial refrigeration equipment you have in place to protect the quality of foods you offer customers. Therefore, this cooling equipment must be properly serviced and maintained. Amidst the general commotion and stress that can come along with running a food-related business, neglecting small issues with your refrigerators, freezers, and coolers can be an easy thing to do. However, if you ever do notice even a small issue with refrigeration units, you should seek commercial refrigerator repairs right away. Here is a look at why that is the case. 

1. A sudden refrigeration equipment outage can come along with substantial losses.

Consider all the inventory that is usually held within a single cooler or freezer in your kitchen. If some small problem causes the temperature to come up in a unit, all of that inventory could be lost. With that loss, you could lose a substantial amount of money that could otherwise be used to benefit your business.

2. Dysfunctional refrigeration equipment may put the quality of food products at risk. 

Food safety regulations are designed to ensure the safety of any food or food ingredient that could eventually be served to or consumed by the public. One of the biggest topics of concern in food safety is proper holding temperatures to protect bacterial growth. For example, refrigerated meat should be held between 28 and 32 degrees F. Once that meat reaches 40 degrees, the shelf life can be detrimentally affected. At 50 degrees, the meat would be at risk of bacterial growth. If you are allowing a refrigeration unit to go unattended when it has obvious issues, the internal temperature could fluctuate. Unfortunately, this can mean the quality of the food held inside can deteriorate and become a risk for your customers. 

3. Not tending to small issues can cause problems with equipment warranties. 

If you have refrigeration equipment that is still under warranty from the manufacturer, getting refrigeration equipment repairs as soon as possible is even more pertinent. Some manufacturers will not cover damages or total equipment failure if it is evident that you did not tend to small problems with the unit. For example, if you notice a refrigerator's fan is not functioning, and it causes excess condensation and ice accumulation on the condenser motor, you could end up with a failed motor that may not be covered by your warranty.