Handling Your Restaurant's Refrigeration Failures

22 June 2020
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Your restaurant's refrigeration system can be vital for ensuring that the food stores avoid perishing. Unfortunately, you may not be taking all of the steps that are needing to keep the refrigerator working smoothly and efficiently.

1. Avoid Letting The Refrigerator Stay Empty for a Long Time

A mistake that can put substantial strain on your restaurant's refrigeration system will be letting it stay empty or underfilled for long periods. This can increase the amount of work that the refrigerator's cooling unit will have to do. Once items in the refrigerator have cooled, they can help to keep the interior cool so that the cooling unit will not have to work as long or as hard.

2. Know When You Need to Upgrade the Size Refrigeration System

Some restaurants will find that their refrigeration system is dramatically undersized given their cooling needs. This can lead to them having to run their refrigeration system too hard. Additionally, this could make it harder to effectively keep the perishable items cold. For restaurants with walk-in coolers, it may seem like it will be exceedingly difficult to upgrade the system. However, it is possible for commercial contractors to easily upgrade the cooling unit and the blower for walk-in coolers so that they will have a much higher cooling capacity.

3. Hire Professional Refrigeration Contractors 

Regular service visits can be another important part of keeping a refrigeration system operational. If the system is not regularly serviced, its ability to cool the storage area will be severely compromised, and it may even completely stop working. In these situations, your restaurant could face most or all of its food stores spoiling before the system can be repaired. By having the refrigeration system serviced by professional contractors twice a year, you can avoid situations that could leave your restaurant vulnerable to an avoidable failure.

4. Keep Emergency Repair Contractors' Information Available

When your restaurant's refrigeration system fails, speed will be critical if you are to have the system repaired before the food inside starts to spoil. A refrigeration contractor can respond to refrigeration system problems in your restaurant. Spending time having to look for an emergency repair service can prove extremely costly in these situations. By researching this information ahead of time, you will be able to ensure that you can schedule this emergency repair as soon as you notice that the system is starting to show signs of experiencing problems.