The Essentials Of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

16 October 2019
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Air conditioners will suffer significant performance problems if they fall into disrepair. Sadly, this is a problem that will often occur due to homeowners failing to follow through with the various types of work that is needed to keep this system running smoothly.

Keep A Clean Filter In Place

Dirty filters can have significant impacts on your air conditioner's performance, and this can also be one of the most common maintenance mistakes that individuals make with their systems. While it should only take a homeowner a few minutes to change their filters, many homeowners will go months without performing this work. In addition to spreading dust and other allergens throughout the home, this mistake can also contribute to the unit experiencing more wear than necessary. Changing the filters every month is considered ideal, and homeowners should typically avoid going longer than a couple of months without this routine air conditioning maintenance.

Maintain The Coils

The coils of the unit will be responsible for venting the heat that the refrigerant is absorbing from the air. As a result, these components are vital for the unit to function. If dirt or corrosion is allowed to form on these coils, they will be able to vent far less heat, and this can impact the system's ability to provide cool air for the home. In addition to regularly washing the coils, they should be checked for signs of rust. While corroded coils are generally more of a threat for older units, it is a problem that can potentially be experienced by any air conditioning system. If you find the coils are corroded, replacing them will be the only option for restoring their functionality. Luckily, this is not a very costly repair, which can reduce the disruptions or problems that it causes your finances.

Inspect The Unit's Fins And Vents

An air conditioning system will need substantial amounts of air flowing through it. In addition to needing this airflow to circulate air inside the home, this is also needed to vent the heat away from the unit. When a system's vents become clogged the airflow for the unit can become unacceptably low. In addition to checking the vents for large obstructions, the fins that act to filter out debris should also be inspected. There can be instances where the fins may become bent, and this can act to restrict the airflow through the unit. A fin comb can make it possible to correct the fins so the flow of air is restored.