Removing Hot Hell From Holy Places: Why Ductless Air Conditioners Are Perfect For Churches

9 April 2019
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There are dozens of churches all through the South where parishioners sit and sweat through Sunday services, fanning themselves with fans or with their Sunday bulletins. On the hottest Sundays of the year, it can feel as though you are sitting in some level of Hell, and some attendees have been known to pass out from the heat. If you are a pastor or minister in any of these churches, it is not much more comfortable for you in the pulpit either. Taking the heat that feels like it came from that unpleasant religious location out of your church is as simple as installing ductless air conditioners, and here is why the ductless kind of A/C is perfect for churches.

Ductless Air Conditioners Suck Both Heat and Humidity Out

Ductless A/C removes both the heat that rises up and the humidity that fills the room, a known combo that makes every place uncomfortable when both are present. What is left is the cooler, less humid air that makes everything feel much more comfortable. On top of that, the ductless variety of this appliance also cools some air and sends that extra cooled air back into the living space (in this case, the church). Ergo, even on a hot Sunday with lots of warm bodies in the pews, it will still be comfortable for all. 

Ductless A/C Does Not Have to Run Continuously

Traditional central air conditioners have to run continuously to maintain the comfort levels in any home or building in which they are installed. With ductless, you do not need to do that. You can come into the church either the night before or a couple of hours prior to the first morning service, flip a switch (or two or three, depending on the number of wall units you have), and the entire church is comfy in time for service. For smaller churches that really cannot afford the related electrical bill of running central A/C nonstop, the ductless air conditioner is the ideal, budget-friendly way to keep church cool on Sunday mornings. 

Small Churches Only Need One or Two Wall Units and a Single Outdoor Heat Pump

If your church is one of those old-time country churches with a single vestibule and a room with pews, a pulpit, and not much else, you can easily get by with one or two wall units and a single heat pump unit outside. The whole church can be cooled with just this much equipment. If your church is larger, you may need more wall units, but up to eight wall units can all be connected to the same heat pump outside. It is a very economical way to cool a building. 

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