Space Heaters Won'T Cut It This Year: How To Add Heating To Your Home

10 February 2018
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Many people are looking for ways to heat up their houses without putting too much money into their energy bills. An increase in energy bills and rise in environmental impacts has made a lot of people think of home heating alternatives that can help save money. If you are looking for energy-efficient ideas for your home, then here are a few tips to get you started. It may be hard to fully keep the house warm if it does not have proper insulation, but using these tips will make sure you are comfortable all winter long.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Rather than fiddle with the manual thermostat, the programmable thermostat allows you to set it to different degrees during different times to maintain the warmth around the house. Programmable thermostats are highly efficient. A good idea would be to set the thermostat to 68 degrees between 6 to 9 am and 5 to 11 pm and adjust to 60 degrees between 9 to 5 pm and 11 pm to 6 am. However, you can adjust these settings depending on your specific needs and what is comfortable for you.

Let the sun in and close the curtains at night

Even in the cold days, the sun is warm. To keep your home warm, capture as much heat as possible once the sun comes up. Don't forget to open the drapes and let the light shine into your house before you leave for work. Keep all the heat that accumulates during the day from leaving by closing the drapes. You might even consider buying insulated curtains to use during winter if you live in a cold geographic area.

Consider installing electric toe-kick heaters

Electric toe-kick heaters are small heaters with blowers and can fit into hollow spaces under your kitchen cabinet, vanities and stair treads. They are an excellent solution for kitchens and bathrooms where many people complain about cold feet. You can control these units with a switch or a thermostat. Furthermore, you might want to consider settling for a toe-kick heater with a temperature control to help save energy.

Stay Current with Home Heating Maintenance

Heating repair can be costly when least expected. Ensure you get regular maintenance done on your home heating systems. Poorly maintained units lose efficiency and increase energy bills. It is important to keep exhaust filters clean and find a professional who can help maintain your HVAC system; contact a heating and AC maintenance service team to get started.