Why You Should Consider Baseboard Heating For Your Home

11 January 2017
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With so many different heating options for a home, you may be thinking of using a traditional furnace with a forced air delivery system. Baseboard heating is actually a viable alternative to a forced air system. Consider the following before deciding on what heating services to use for your home.

Baseboard Heating

When it comes to baseboard heating, it is incredibly easy to install on your own. It makes baseboard heating perfect for when you are doing the job yourself. In addition, the systems operate very quietly, and you won't even be able to hear that the system is running because of it. Without ductwork, there is also minimal maintenance that needs to be done, and when something does go wrong, the entire unit is easily accessible.

The biggest drawback of a baseboard heating system is that the thermostat is inside the unit. It cannot gauge the temperature in the part of the room where you spend most of the time, so there can be fluctuations in the temperature of the heat that it makes.

Forced Air Heating

You may find that forced air systems are cost prohibitive due to the amount of ductwork that is necessary for them to be installed. This may not make forced air an option if you are trying to retrofit an existing home. While the ductwork could also be used for a cooling system as well, homes in cooler climates may not need central air conditioning, making the ductwork more expensive for a single purpose.

Types of Baseboard Heating

Electric Baseboard Models

By using electric baseboard heating, it will be possible to install a heater in any room in your home that needs it. It also gives you individual zones, so you can shut down entire rooms to save energy if you do not use them that often. Each person will also have complete control of the heat in their own bedroom, making it ideal to their own comfort level.

Hydronic Baseboard Models

When you have a hydronic baseboard heating system installed, you do not have full control over each baseboard. Water flows through the entire system, and the temperature is consistent across the home, depending on the temperature of the water. This heating method is more environmentally friendly since it doesn't use electricity, but doesn't offer the same level of control.

For more info on baseboard heating, speak to a local heating contractor.