3 Things To Think About When Signing With A Heating Fuel Delivery Company

5 July 2016
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Do you have a new heating system that relies on having regular fuel deliveries? If so, there are some important things you should know about having your fuel delivered. While it is not a difficult process, there are some things you need to consider:

Consider Signing Up For Automatic Delivery

One mistake you do not want to make during a cold winter season is running out of heating fuel until it can be delivered again. To prevent this from happening, sign up for an auto delivery with your fuel company. Most companies are not only happy to do this for their customers, but many of them have a formula they use to determine when you will need your fuel delivered. They take the daily average oil use in your home during the year and utilize this information to determine when you will need to be refilled. You can also just have your fuel delivered on a certain timetable, such as monthly or every three to six months. Remember that your heating fuel will likely increase during the cold months so you may find that you need to have it delivered more often. Simply call your company and update your delivery status.

Request Information About Emergency Services

Like many regions around the country, there is always a likelihood of an emergency happening that will require you to need more fuel than you normally would. This can include a major storm that takes out your electricity, requiring you to rely on your fuel for your sole source of power. You could also experience an emergency that leaves your fuel system from operating in the middle of a cold night, therefore making it impossible to heat your home. Ask about your company's emergency services and what fees, if any, are charged for an emergency service call.

Service Contracts

You should also inquire about purchasing a service contract with your heating fuel company. When you pay for a service contract, the fuel company will cover the costs of any repairs you need at any point during the day. For many companies, this can save the homeowner a lot of money in emergency services over the time you live in the home.

When you sign up with a fuel company, always ask about the different services that are offered. If you have moved to the area and you are unfamiliar with the different fuel companies, always ask around the neighborhood for their recommendations and experiences to help you determine which company to go with. To learn more, contact a company like Advance Care Heating & AC LLC