Air Conditioner Let You Down On The Hottest Day Of The Year? 3 Steps To Try And Identify The Problem

28 June 2016
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Now that summer is here, you need your air conditioner to work overtime, especially in the middle of a heat wave. Unfortunately, those overtime hours can leave your AC exhausted. If your AC has stopped putting out as much cold air as it used to, there might be a simple explanation. Before you call an air conditioner repair service, take a few minutes to try and troubleshoot the problem for yourself. Here are three quick fixes that might get your AC working again.

Cool the Unit

If the heatwave has reached those triple-digit marks, and you're AC is running non-stop to catch up, the motor might have overheated. A quick way to try and remedy the situation is to cool down the unit. Before you cool down your AC, make sure that it's turned off. First, remove any debris that might be keeping airflow from getting to your AC. Second, turn your garden hose on and apply a full spray of water directly to the coils on the outside of the AC unit. Be sure to get the entire exterior of the AC wet. Finally, turn the air conditioner back on and see if the cool air starts flowing again.

Clean the Filter Compartment

Even if you change your filter every three months, the filter compartment could still be clogged with dirt. If it is, the dirt could be preventing cold air from flowing through to the vents. Open the filter compartment and remove the filter. Use your vacuum to thoroughly clean the inside of the compartment. Be sure to get around the filter housing, as well. While you're up there, take your vacuum extension and reach inside the compartment to get as much of the dirt as you can. Replace the filter and check for cool air from the vents.

Clear Out the Vents

Once you have the filter compartment cleaned, you should move on to the vents. This is particularly important if you see dirt buildup on the walls or ceiling around the vent openings in your home. If you do see dirt, it's a good sign that your vents are dirty, which could be interfering with air flow through your home. Using a screwdriver, remove the vent covers from all the vents in your home. Attach the hose attachment to your vacuum and clean out each of the vents. Replace the covers and test the airflow through your home.

If your AC is acting up on the hottest day of the year, don't panic. The problem could have a simple solution. Try the suggestions provided above to try and solve the problem. If you still have limited airflow through the vents or the vents are blowing out warm air, contact your air conditioner repair technician. Companies like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating may be able to help.