Two Reasons Why It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Heating & Cooling System

20 June 2016
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If your heating and cooling system appears to be in good working condition, you may not see a need to upgrade it.  After all, that's an additional expense that may stretch your budget.  However, even if your heating and air conditioning unit blows hot and cold air on demand, it may still be beneficial for you to upgrade to a new version.  Learning more about the benefits of installing a new system can help you see why you should consider doing so today.

New Heating Systems Increase Comfort & Efficiency

Technological advances have touched nearly every industry, and the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is no different.  There are a number of hi-tech advances on the market that can make your unit more efficient, while increasing your level of comfort.

For example, radiant flooring is a heating advancement that you may want to consider.  Radiant flooring is based on the maxim, "heat rises."  When you have radiant floors, electrical wires or pipe loops circulate warm liquid beneath the surface of your floor.  As a result, the heat comes from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.  You won't have to worry about walking around on cold floors because they will feel pleasantly warm to the touch.

Because the heat emanated by radiant flooring feels more comfortable at lower temperatures than the warm air blown out by traditional heating units, you may be able to lower your energy bills because your thermostat won't have to be set at such a high level.

A New HVAC System Is A Major Selling Point

If it's been more than ten years since your current HVAC system was installed, and you're thinking of selling your home, then it could be a major selling point to have a new HVAC system in place.  You'll be able to proudly list that your house comes equipped with a newer HVAC unit, and this could be the difference between your house selling quickly or sitting on the market.

No home buyer wants to buy a house with an ancient HVAC system that could go out any day.  Being able to show them the paperwork which proves that you have an updated HVAC model may be the key to getting them to sign on the dotted line.

Upgrading your HVAC system may prove to be a very wise decision.  Contact an HVAC contractor like Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning Services as soon as possible so you can learn more about the options available to you.