Three Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Boiler

14 June 2016
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The boiler that heats your home can be one of the most important devices in the house. While these devices are normally highly energy efficient and reliable, it is essential for you to ensure that they are properly maintained to help them avoid some common problems. If you have not given your boiler's maintenance needs much thought, you will likely benefit from using the following few maintenance tips.

Keep The Flue Cleaned

Those with an oil burning boiler need to ensure that the flue is kept clean. The flue is designed to allow any exhaust and fumes from burning the oil to safely vent out of the building. If you fail to have the flue regularly cleaned, it is possible for oil residue, ash and soot to gradually constrict this opening. When this occurs, the flue may become completely obstructed, which could pose a serious safety risk. Luckily, there are boiler repair professionals that can provide you with effective flue cleaning services. To ensure that your flue is kept as clear as possible, you should have this work done at least once every year.

Service The Burner And Vents

In addition to keeping the flue clean, it is also important to have your boiler serviced each year. These service visits are needed to remove any dust and oil residue that may be collecting on the unit. Oil residue can often be found on the burner, and these accumulations can constrict the flow of fuel to the system. In order to remove these materials, it will be necessary to thoroughly scrape the sides of the flue with a cleaning tool that can break up these accumulations.

The vents on the boiler's exterior also play a critical role because a boiler requires ample airflow, but dust accumulations on the exterior and interior of the vents can prevent the system from getting enough air to function efficiently. A service technician can disassemble the boiler so that any dust is removed from the system, and during this step, the technician will also make sure that the boiler's moving parts are free of wear, lubricated and aligned.

Prevent The Condensate Pipe From Becoming Blocked

There are many boiler systems that utilize a condensate pipe to allow excess condensation to drain away from the system. Unfortunately, it can be possible for ice and other substances to block this pipe. When this happens, the boiler may shut off to prevent it from flooding. As a result of this threat, you should inspect this pipe whenever the weather is particularly cold so that you can remove any ice that may be forming. If the ice is too difficult for you to remove, you should boil a pot of water and pour it on the pipe. This will melt any ice that is in it. Contact a business, such as Don's AC Service, Inc., for more information.