5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks That Keep Your AC At Peak Efficiency

16 September 2022
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Are you worried about the high energy bills you can attribute to your AC? This essential appliance is one of the top energy consumers in an average home. And while you may take your air conditioners for granted, it's important to remember that it requires regular maintenance to run at peak efficiency. Here are air conditioning maintenance tasks that will help keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable: Read More 

Warning Signs That You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

26 August 2022
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How do you know your furnace needs repair?   You can't wait for emergency breakdowns during winter to call for furnace repairs. Contact experts for regular inspections and maintenance to reduce the probability of breaking down.  Also, it would help if you were proactive by looking out for these signs to prevent a sudden furnace breakdown.  Foul Odor If you notice any pungent smells that don't go away, especially from the exhaust pipe, it's time to call a furnace expert. Read More 

AC Repairs That Could Be Needed When Mice Infest Your Air Conditioner And Gnaw On Wires

8 August 2022
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If you have a mouse problem in your house or on your property, the pests might cause damage to your air conditioner. They can get inside the condenser and crawl through the same holes the wiring passes through. This allows them to find shelter, build nests, and get comfortable inside your AC. Once there, the mice can cause damage by chewing on wiring or urinating on parts. Here are signs of wiring problems in your air conditioner due to gnawing issues and what an AC repair technician might do to help. Read More 

5 Reasons DIY Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Should Never Be An Option

19 July 2022
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If you're a business owner, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning unit to break down. After all, a comfortable environment is essential for both your employees and customers. But if your AC does happen to break down, it's important that you resist the urge to try and fix it yourself. Here are five reasons why DIY commercial air conditioning repair should never be an option: 1. You could void your warranty Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About AC Repair

28 June 2022
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No one wants to deal with a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer. If you're faced with this problem, however, it's important to know what your options are for AC repair. What to do if your AC is not cooling? If your air conditioner is not cooling, there are a few things you can do before calling an AC repair company, including: Setting. Check to see if the thermostat is set to 'cool'. Read More