4 Ways To Tell That Your Ductless System Requires Repairs

13 December 2021
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Your ductless mini-split air conditioner plays a crucial role in ensuring that you have a comfortable indoor environment during the hot season. These systems are a popular choice for people with smaller or older homes that cannot accommodate ductwork. While these air conditioners don't require a ductless system, they're likely to develop issues at some point during their operation. To avoid the need for expensive AC repairs or replacements, here are early warning signs your air conditioning contractor would want you to know. 

1. The outdoor fan isn't running

When you notice that your indoor air conditioner isn't cooling your home and the fan won't turn on, confirm whether your outdoor unit fan is running. During the hot season, the capacitors responsible for starting and ensuring that your fan motor is running may lose their capability to handle electric charge and fail. It's also possible that your motor has failed. These are problems that can easily be fixed with the assistance of a knowledgeable air conditioning repair technician.

2. The costs of running your unit are increasing 

As your system gets older, the different parts will begin to experience wear and tear, meaning that your system performance will be lower than usual. For instance, an old ductless air conditioner will take longer to ensure that your home attains the desired indoor temperature. This eventually results in higher operational costs because you'll begin to see a spike in your energy bills. If this is the case, you should contact an experienced air conditioning contractor to inspect and advise whether to repair or replace your unit.

3. Water is leaking from your unit

When you notice your indoor unit is leaking water or there are signs of water damage where your unit is fixed to the wall, seek air conditioning repair services immediately. Remember that the condensate you see in your outdoor unit should pass through a hosepipe to the inside unit through your wall. Therefore, if your unit isn't draining properly, it can cause your air conditioner to fail unexpectedly. 

4. Unusual sounds coming from your unit

When your air conditioner is operating efficiently, it will not create a lot of noise. So, if you notice clicking or popping noises, it could be that the plastic housing is contracting or expanding as the system operates, which should not be a cause for alarm. However, if you hear gurgling, cracking, or swooshing noises, it's a sign that your unit is switching to defrost mode, which could indicate a faulty circuit board or low refrigerant. In case of such noises, seek the help of a qualified air conditioning contractor as soon as possible.

When you notice any of the signs highlighted above, don't hesitate to contact an air conditioning repair technician. This is the best way to ensure that you don't replace your ductless system sooner than you expect.