Are You Going On Vacation? When To Schedule A Furnace Repair

28 October 2020
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Should you schedule a furnace repair before or after your late-fall or winter vacation? If your heater doesn't warm the air effectively, you have high utility bills, the HVAC system makes an odd noise, or your vents have a strange scent, then you may want to schedule a repair soon.

When Was the Last Routine Maintenance Visit?

No homeowner wants to experience a major HVAC issue or complete failure in the days before a fall or winter-time family vacation. Routine professional maintenance can reduce the risk of pre-getaway problems.

If you haven't already scheduled fall or pre-season maintenance, make this appointment in the weeks leading up to your trip. Not only does this annual service help your heater to work more efficiently and lower the likelihood of undetected damage/wear and tear, it can also give you peace of mind. You won't need to worry about your heater before, during, or after your vacation.

What Is the Projected Cold Weather Forecast?

While you don't need the heater to keep you comfortable indoors while you're away from home, you shouldn't completely turn off the HVAC system. The cold weather won't just chill the exterior of your home. Failure to keep a constant indoor temperature can put the interior at risk for frozen/burst pipes, cracked hardwood floors, or damaged wooden/leather furniture—especially over time.

To reduce the risk of freezing pipes while you're away, the American Red Cross recommends setting the thermostat to a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If your heater, thermostat, or another part of your home's HVAC system doesn't work correctly, you can't guarantee a constant interior temperature while you're away. Schedule a pre-vacation service call to prevent cold weather-related issues.

Will You Have Time for a Service Appointment After Your Trip?

Do you need to take days or weeks off from work for your fall or winter vacation? Does your time away mean you'll need to double-up on errands and other activities after your return? If you're short on post-vacation time, schedule the furnace service before you leave.

Will You Worry About the Furnace?

Between work, school, and everything else in your life, you need a relaxing, restful vacation. But if your HVAC system has a possible problem, you may have constant concerns. Enjoy your time away—minus the nagging worry that your furnace is on the fritz. A pre-vacation repair service eliminates any potential issues and will leave you worry-free.

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